Desktop and Web Releases (07-23-2018) Win v.6349 / Mac-6417

We’ve got some fresh integration enhancements for you today, available on both Desktop and Web:

  • Support for Google Team Drives.
  • Support for Amazon S3 bucket names with periods ("." character) in the bucket name.
  • Support for Dropbox for Teams (you’ll need to relink your dropbox account for it to show up)
  • Improved modified time retention for Dropbox (works for new links… for existing links, try removing the link and linking again).

UPDATE: We’ve retracted the Dropbox for Teams and improved modtime preservation support on Dropbox items for now to fix an issue which may cause somewhat annoying behavior for certain users (churning / reuploading everything) if they happen to hit a triggering condition… although it’s infrequent, it’s common enough for us to decide to put the brakes on. We’d like to isolate and prevent the issue from happening so that all users receive the best experience when accessing their Dropbox storage. Thanks for your patience.

The desktop builds Win v.6349 / Mac v.6417 are available here for now until we push the change to the autoupdater.