Why are periods not allowed for s3 buckets

How can I add a storage bucket on S3 that has a period in the bucket name? The UI blocks the request to set up the folder claiming that periods aren’t allowed - they are.


Hi @michael1,
Apologies for the confusion here. Amazon does allow periods in S3 buckets, but then it breaks the certificate validation. Please take a look at this post for more detail:

Ah, that’s interesting. I’ve often wondered why I see certificate errors when navigating buckets that I’m using for websites - never put two and two together.

I think that, at this point in my project, I can adapt to _'s.

Perhaps the error message could bit a little more detailed but other than that, close this one and thanks.

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We’re trying to link an odrive space to an S3 Bucket that has the bucket name Cloud.domain.com - We’ve fixed the wildcard security issues, but the front end from Odrive still will not allow use to use periods. is there any work around?

I did find another thread asking about this issue, but the answers were vague and didn’t seem to have a solution.

Hi @tanner1,
Take a look at the above post, which goes into this a bit. The root cause is that the periods in the bucket end up representing additional subdomains within the url, which breaks the certificate validation.

For example, S3’s wildcard certificate covers a URL like *.s3.amazonaws.com, so it cannot accommodate periods in the bucket name. When there are periods in the name, standard certificate validation will fail.

You can see this effect if try to access the bucket over https in a browser:

But why you cant just use https://s3.amazonaws.com/cloud.domain.com ?? - you will have certificate then

the problem is that CDNs requires dots in bucket name (Virtual Hosted–Style Method) and it breaks oDrive.

Hi @mateusz,
That is something on the list for an S3 integration refresh, but I don’t have a timeline for release on that yet.

Hi @Tony, is there any more information or an ETA on this?

we, and I’m sure many other organizations are still waiting on this feature. It’s completely preventing us from using ODrive which is a huge bummer. We could greatly benefit from this.

Hi @tanner1,
No update yet, but I will be sure to post here once there is.

Thanks @Tony . We really like your product, and had it working great with all of our systems, but we had to switch to something much less awesome in the mean time, which is too bad.

hi @Tony I’m going to keep pestering you guys until we have an idea on a fix :slight_smile:

Hi @tanner1,
QA will be looking at a first cut tomorrow, so things are in motion :slight_smile:

Thank you @Tony!

That is fantastic news - keep us updated please! We’ll start pushing back some of our old systems to Odrive as soon as we can get a gauge on how long it will take to get this pushed out.

Just to be clear, are you going to go with the solution @mateusz posted above? that would be ideal.

Hi @Tony! I hope QA testing went well. We’re thrilled that this feature is coming.

This has been released to production! Please see the release notes here:

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