Cannot properly copy folder contents that are unsynced

I noticed that you cannot copy a folder that contains links (unsync’d files) and have it populate those files on the existing cloud side. While it works in explorer (new folder is created) only the newly created folder is sent up to the cloud and the links which are copied over neither can download a copy of the content they were previously pointed to nor do they cause a copy on the backend (cloud side) for the data to be duplicated.

I am guessing this is just a limitation. But it means you can only duplicate data when it exists locally the the oDrive installed machine.

Amazon Cloud Folder contains

Copying “Backups” to "Copy of Backups"
Yields a folder that has a “PC1.cloudf” but clicking the file gives an error that it can not be downloaded.
Additionally reviewing Amazon Cloud Drive on the web only the folder “Copy of Backups” is sync’d there is no “PC1” duplicated there.

This would lead me to believe that you must be aware of any “Unsyncs” you have done before copying any folders as you could potentially lose data being unaware of sub-tree unsync’d data.

Hi @Marty_Ferguson,
You are correct. If you want to copy or move data from one cloud to another it cannot be done directly. You need to first download the data and then move/copy it across. I go into this a bit in this thread here: Copying from Cloud to Cloud

This shouldn’t cause you to lose data, since the source data will still exist in the cloud. It will prevent that source data from being uploaded to the destination, however.

Thanks for the reply but the main thing I was noticing was that it didnt even work on the same cloud storage. Like if I wanted to duplicate a folder on Amazon.

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Hi @Marty_Ferguson,
Yes, copies function the same way where the data has to be local to copy and upload it to the storage, regardless of the source and destination. However, placeholder moves within the same link will work.