Can't move folders between GDrive accounts

I’m using odrive desktop sync for mac. I have two Google Drive accounts linked - one is a business account and one is a personal account. I’m trying to move some folders from one GDrive account to the other. When I drag and drop a folder, it appears have moved successfully for a few seconds, but then it returns to its original location.

I can copy the folder across to the new location, however the contents inside that folder only appear to have copied with it for a few seconds, and are then removed. I was attempting to see if copying the folder and its contents to the new location and then deleting the folder in the original location would work, however I almost lost the folder contents in the process so don’t want to try this any more.

I am having a similar issue, the sync from odrive->gdrive is not working. A bug in latest odrive code? Mine is windows 10.

Hi @callumbrown.1990,
odrive cannot move/copy cloud data directly across separate Google Drive accounts. So you cannot move/copy files and folders unless they have been synced locally and are no longer placeholder files.

Take a look at this post for more info:

Hi @michael.engle,
Can you describe the issue you are seeing? What actions did you take and what was the result vs what you expect?