B2 (Backblaze) upload

The SHA is still calculated, it will just be calculated as it is streamed. The result is the same, but the calc is done in-line.

With the recent update to accept the SHA1 checksum at the end, can we now expect write to B2 in the coming months?

It is planned. No concrete timeline, but hopefully in the next couple of months.

B2 is actually gaining a lot of interest but their focus is not on delivering a desktop client. You have a great client that is arguably the best there is today. Together you provide one of the best paid cloud storage service combo that is available in both price and useability. I would have expected you to be ready for the moment Backblaze delivered what you asked them to. Make haste, you wizards of the internet!


Can’t wait to see you add this feature! You’ll one more Premium subscriber when you do!

Wow @Tony, so this feature was a miss with the BIG RELEASE you guys just rolled out? That’s a serious bummer. What’s the timeline now?

Also, will it honor B2’s funky API for large files so that you can make use of the 1 TB file limit if you have to?

Hi @DarfNader,
We have not pushed out the major release that has been discussed previously (and won’t for a little while still). All of our integrations are being worked through, currently. We haven’t gotten to B2 yet, but we will be looking at all of the APIs available when we do.

I just want to wish your team a happy painless integration with B2. Odrive is awesome, but B2 + odrive is the dream.


Hello @Tony , I’m wondering when this B2 feature will be available ? :slight_smile:

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Yep, also waiting with baited breath for this much needed update…

How do you guys do so far to write/upload on B2 ?

This is a feature so demanded, please Odrive, enable it.

Any news of this feature release?

I would be nice to get rid of Amzon S3! :wink:

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I’m also wondering how is it going on ?

We have B2 upload implemented in the next-generation odrive product. We are working as fast as we can towards release, but I don’t have a date to offer, at this time.

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Thanks Tony. I only just found odrive and it looked like it could solve all my issues regarding encrypted media cloud storage via B2.

Can you provide a very general time line (q1,q2?) as to when a release with B2 write support will be available. I haven’t found any other satisfactory solution up to now but I was really dissapointed when I saw B2 was read only.

Is there a beta release program I can volunteer for?

Hi @saimonmoore,
There is a thread here for those interested in beta testing. We do not have a beta available yet, however. ODrive Beta Testers?

I would be really interested also about this time schedule… last summer support say Q4 2017.
But really seems to be delayed badly.

Any estimate of this feature release?

Hi @jesse.lahtela,
All new integration work is tied into the next generation product, which is nearing preview/beta stage. I don’t have a timeline to provide, but we will certainly announce when we do.

Hopefylly this comes soon… B2 is good and cheap service, but at the moment it really miss tools… like oDrive would be game changer.

Of course B2 do not offer advanced fetures like geo replication, but it wold be good simple cloud storage.

It took a while, but B2 writes are in now!

Please note that existing B2 links will need to “ALLOW WRITES” in the link config to enable this functionality.