Auto Sync question with Google Cloud Storage


I’v connected odrive with google cloud service. It works fine, but not as I expected in some cases. It seems that when file is uploaded on google cloud from different source it should sync to my pc as well. It does that, but sometimes it sync only if I go to odrive folder or if I press refresh, or auto sync after 20 minutes.

Is there any option to auto sync every minute, to scan thru all folders on drive and to update ?


Hi @dus.marjanovic,
Just to clarify, this is Google Cloud Storage and not Google Drive, correct?

If so, the reason for this is because we don’t have a “delta” api to call with Google Cloud Storage, so there isn’t a way for us to ask for recent changes like we can with some of the consumer storage services (like Google Drive). the odrive client will ask for the current listing, on-demand (use “refresh” or browse into the folder) and it will do a full scan periodically to pick up changes.

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Thanks for your help.

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