Wrong browser opens on Mac 10.12.5 (osascript bug) - Firefox, Chrome, etc

Every time I click on a link from the desktop Odrive application on my mac, it opens Firefox. I would prefer it open Chrome instead. How can I enact this?

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Hi @user1121,
We just ask the os to open the default browser. Are you sure the default browser is set to Chrome?

Yes, I just verified the default browser of my OS is chrome.

Hi @user1121,
Can you clarify what links you are clicking on?
What Operating System and version are you running?

From the mac menu bar, click odrive, then any of the links open a window in firefox (manage storage, usage guide, announcements). It definitely seems like it is using firefox as the default browser but chrome is set as such for me.

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5

Just deleted Firefox to see if that would work. Now Odrive opens Safari. Chrome is still default browser.

Hi @user1121,
Can you open a terminal and copy and paste this command int it, hit enter, and tell me what browser it opens?
python -c "import webbrowser; webbrowser.open('https://www.odrive.com');"

This is essentially what we are doing. It is supposed to pull the default browser for the OS. Can you also try setting Safari as the default, then setting the default back to chrome?

It opened safari and terminal output this:

0:38: execution error: “https://www.odrive.com” doesn’t understand the “open location” message. (-1708)
70:78: execution error: Can’t get application “firefox”. (-1728)

And yeah, I changed it to safari and back to chrome, it didn’t seem to change what Odrive did.

Hi @user1121,
It looks like the call actually boils down to an osascript call like this:
echo 'open location "http://www.odrive.com"' | osascript

What does that command produce?

Ds-MacBook-Air:~ db$ echo 'open location “http://www.odrive.com”'
open location “http://www.odrive.com

nothing opened here.

Ds-MacBook-Air:~ db$ echo ‘open location “http://www.odrive.com”’ | osascript
0:37: execution error: “http://www.odrive.com” doesn’t understand the “open location” message. (-1708)

nothing opened here either.

I have exactly the same problem. It started a few days ago? May be after the last osx update.

So I have Chrome as default browser. What used to happen when I clicked on a google docs file is that it opened chrome. Now suddenly it starts to open Firefox (a browser I only use for testing).

One more thing, when I look at with what application the google docs file will be started it says “odriveapp”

I’m also seeing this. I’m a new Odrive user, so can’t tell if this has something to do with the latest OS X update or not. But right now (on Sierra 10.12.5) everything I do from Odrive opens Firefox… Really annoying since I normally use Chrome and have Chrome as my default browser.

Clicking any item (like “Manage storage”) from the menu bar opens Firefox. Also from my Google Drive folder clicking on an document opens Firefox.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It seems like either new behavior or a bug (my money is on a bug) in osascript in 10.12.5. I will continue digging…

For reference, other applications seem to open default browser links correctly. Mail, for example, sends me to chrome when I open a weblink.

This is reported to be a bug in osascript, introduced in 10.12.5. We may need to wait for a fix from Apple. Barring that we will see if there is a workaround.

Just adding a ‘me too’ to the FF bug with OSX 10.12.5

Same issue here, please let me know when there is a fix!