Will I lose grandfathered unsync features if I try premium features?

Hello, I’m an early user who has been grandfathered into having unsync on my free account. I’m interested in trying out the premium features (mainly so I can turn off upload throttling), but I’m concerned I’ll lose the ability to unsync on my free account should I decide not to stick with premium. If I cancel my premium account after 30 days, will my free account retain the ability to unsync, or will signing up for premium erase my grandfathered status?

@bkoppe As one of our earliest users, you’ll always retain the grandfathered unsync plan (which specifically allows you to use the right-click unsync feature and also set your autodownload limit). If you find that you somehow lose the grandfathered unsync capability, let us know–that would be a bug and we’ll fix it for you.

So don’t worry about upgrading to Premium. Even if you downgrade back to the free plan afterwards, you should still have the grandfathered subscription listed in your Subscriptions page.