Why isn't my odrive syncing?

Why aren’t my files syncing?
Even when I click on “Sync,” I get this message “Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.”

Also, I am not seeing all my Drive folders in the Odrive folder. Specifically, the ones marked “Computers” on my Drive (which I believe are the ones I had used for Backup & Sync).

Hi @4mandel,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so that I can take a look?
Do you know if you are using a proxy or have anything that could be affecting the network connection?

For the Computers folders, Google doesn’t provide a way to access these directly via their API. However, you can allow odrive to gain access to them by creating shortcuts from the Computers folder to your main Google Drive folders. More on that here:

current_odrive_status.txt (27.9 KB)
Here is the diagnostic.
I have Covenant Eyes filter and web monitor and uBlock ad blocker.
Would that affect the connection?

Hi @4mandel,
I am not familiar with Covenant Eyes, but I read a little bit about it just now. It could possibly be interfering. The errors are showing a network connection issue (specifically an SSL error for an invalid certificate during the the HTTPS connections attempts).

Can you try temporarily closing/disabling Covenant Eyes to see if it makes a difference?

It is also possible for this to come up if the computer’s time is off (date/time is too far ahead or behind), can you double-check that, as well?