Where is the odrive web interface?

excuse me, I’m not sure this is the right forum, but please, where IS the web interface? the desktop client works only with windows 7 or higher, and since my trusty little laptop is still on windows xp, it’s useless to me. storage, share, spaces and encrypt are the only remaining functions in the web interface now. i guess i have to close my account and find some other cloud management facility, though i really like odrive ('s potential?) best.

Hi @teresubs,
You can access the web interface from https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive

You will see something like this:

Clicking on one of the links, like “Dropbox” or “Google Drive” will navigate into that storage.

Thanks! I thought the drop-down arrow contained all the functions… and I was trying to find something that looked liked the sample in the tutorial, that had a “Files” tab. Many many thanks!

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