Odrive on Web - Need to Sort by Folder/File Name/Date/Size/Type

Time to sublimely chime in once more…
Uh, before being able to Sort by Size, we need a Size column in the Odrive online web interface, like in Windows File Explorer, but with the added capability to see the used storage space of each of the Folders too, and not just only the size of Files.
This would be nice to add too. Helps in storage management and in determining whether to sync or download or not, especially if it’s big.

Additionally, there’s a problem with the Odrive web in handling and displaying Files with long Filenames.
If the Filename is too long, it will run right over the Date and Type info on the same line, making the mess unreadable.

Suggestion: The Filename can be placed on a separate line, like line #1, and the Date and Type (and Size) info be placed on line #2.
Or, the Filename can be wordwrapped onto multiple lines before it crosses into the Date and Type (and Size) info columns.
Or, each of the Header columns width can be dragged-to-scale to fit whatever the user desires to see, with the Filename, Date, Type (& Size) info all on one line.
And/Or, hover the mouse over the Filename to see the full name of the File.

I hope these helpful improvements will see the light of day soon and spread happiness to Odrive’s online users and expand Odrive’s universe.

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Aaahhh, Folder/Filename Alphabetic Sorting is still not here yet, even after Web Release (08-03-2016).

I thought it would be simple & quick to add the Sorting enhancement to the odrive Web.
How much longer should I bate my breath?
As well as waiting to tell more of my family, relatives, friends and co-workers about odrive’s complete user-friendly web & desktop cloud storage solution.

Alas, still not remedied after Web Release (08-11-2016).

I really don’t understand why something so fundamental, practical and user-friendly is not being implemented here, when all the other cloud storage services have Folder and File Name Alphanumeric Sorting ON automatically, and are capable of Sorting on all fields/headers with one click as well. Is it not easy to do?

It’s the one piece of half of the puzzle (the online web-based half) that’s preventing me, like gwizeman, from fully recommending odrive to everyone I know, including my techy retail customers.
I guess I’ll cease to bate my breath for now…

We will post here when this is worked on. We understand the value, but there are many other things on our plate at the moment, and our priority is generally focused on the desktop client. This is still important, to be sure, but with a finite number of resources we need to prioritize other things first.

I am actually interested in the use cases here. How are you using the web client? Do you use it more than the desktop client? In what scenarios are you opting for web client access and how common are those scenarios?


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I’d like to be able to sort the directories I am looking at in odrive. In Amazon or OpenDrive I have the ability to sort each directory however I want. I can do it by filename/directory name, date, size, etc. etc.

When I come to odrive, I don’t have that ability. Opendrive is sorted alphabetically, but Amazon I have no clue how it’s done. I need to do a CTRL F to find files or directories in some cases.


Hi! It’s been a while and just checking in to see if there’s an ETA on when this will get done or at least get worked on. Some or most in my circle are on hold waiting for this web feature. For now, they still opt and prefer to use their respective cloud service web interface with automatic alphabetic file/folder name sorting, rather than odrive’s disorganized/random file/folder name listing. Sorting on the other fields is not as important as sorting on the name, especially for finding that one or group of files that you need.

Let us know hopefully soon. Appreciated!


c´mon guys, it’s time to add some basic (extremely basic) ui functionality on you web… I couldn’t imagine how this situation could happen in a service which its main target is to deal with files…

I’m a happy paid customer of oDrive desktop client, but at the same time, I’m a furious customer with your Web interface.
And I repeat: I can’t image how it’s posible you can not add a simple UI functionality as sorting a list of files. It’s the first thing you learn when you go for a programming course!

Please, please, please, please! Add a sort functionality and, if possible, a simple filter. It’s so terrible not having something so simple… pleeeease…


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Hello team,

You have wonderful 1 year ideas here…
Where are you in the Web UI coding for sorting?

Thanks for your work!

  • Ace

Our entire web interface is getting an overhaul and I’ve asked the product team to take a look at this for the next iterations.

Alright. I guess I will wait for it :wink:

  • Ace
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I’d like to add my vote for just simply (and immediately) adding the ability to sort by different column headings. Or even just hard-code it to sort by name with folders first, like a standard list view on a desktop. All of my folders, as I’m sure others’ folders are, are organized in a way that’s easy to browse and navigate. The order they show up on the Odrive web interface is so random-looking and frustratingly disorienting relative to what my google drive web interface looks like, it makes me want to just stop using Odrive until it’s fixed.

I use the desktop and web interfaces somewhat evenly, so to me it matters that the web interface is easy to use.

Hi there,

Is there any way to filter the files/folders by name in Web Preview? At the moment everything is out of order which makes it less useful.

Hi @smblythe,
This isn’t currently available but the product team is aware of the request and the next-generation web client looks like it will have these capabilities.

Hey Tony, thanks for the reply :slight_smile: That’s good to know.

Hi, is there a way to sort my folders alphabetically in my oh drive account?

Hi @scottbarfieldphoto,
odrive2, which is currently in beta, has a new web client that has several web client improvements including sorting. The odrive2 platform is separate from odrive1, but you can link many of the same storage services, and then make use of the web and mobile clients that have already been released. You can find out more at https://new.odrive.com.

The ability to sort by name, date, and size is available now!

Woo hoo! Great! Fantastic!

Next, can all of our linked cloud storage accounts listed in our odrive account’s web home/start page be sorted alphabetically as well?

It’s also an organizational hassle to start looking up files within one of my 10 linked Box accounts when they are not sorted by their edited account names, despite my numbering them 1 through 10. It would be more pleasant and easier to use if our linked cloud account names were also sorted alphabetically. I hope this can be done, too. Thanx!

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Hi @louie8g,
I’ll talk to the product team about this and see what can be done here.