Where is OpenDrive option?

Hello, I didn’t know ODrive until see it on OpenDrive. Since OpenDrive don’t have a “Unsync” option to help my local storage, odrive would be great to me. But I can’t find the OpenDrive option to link my account there. Someone know how I can do it? https://www.opendrive.com/opendrive-is-on-odrive
Thank you.

Hi @dmngsp,
We used to support OpenDrive, but disabled the ability to link when we discovered some issues with uploads.

Here is the announcement for it: Support for linking the OpenDrive storage service has been disabled until further notice

It is still possible to use our generic WebDAV integration to link OpenDrive (https://www.odrive.com/links/webdav). It may be that OpenDrive fixed the issues that we originally saw, but we never received confirmation from them on it, so we have not re-enable official support.