Support for linking the OpenDrive storage service has been disabled until further notice

Please note: OpenDrive (not to be confused with odrive) is a 3rd party storage service that odrive provided an integration to. If you are not an OpenDrive user and are not trying to link an OpenDrive account to odrive, this announcement does not apply to you.

Recent, issues have been discovered with the OpenDrive service’s upload functionality. These issues, which OpenDrive is investigating, can result in incomplete uploads that appear and are reported as complete.

Linking will remain disabled until the OpenDrive team releases a fix.

If you are currently a using odrive to access your OpenDrive account:
We recommend copying any local data within your OpenDrive linked folder to another location for backup and then suspending use of OpenDrive through the odrive application (at least for uploads) until this issue is resolved.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.