Where do files that get moved to be synced go?

I noticed when I sync files from my laptop locally, the files get “moved” to get synced. Where do the local files get moved when they are not fully synced? What happens when the sync is interrupted?

Hi @digiform,
Can you describe what you are seeing? Files should be synced where they are and not be moved.

Are you able to provide a couple of screenshots of the behavior?

Hi Tony,

When I drag files into the odrive folder, they start syncing ofcourse. This goes back to the question, of whether a copy of those files I dragged into the odrive folder exist if the odrive folder gets deleted.


Hi @digiform,
Usually a drag and drop will result in a move from the source to the destination (unless it was across local drives). odrive doesn’t do anything special in that regard, so it doesn’t make any additional local copies.

Unfortunately, if you moved the file and then deleted the folder it was in before it synced to your remote storage, that file will not be recoverable via odrive.