Odrive application uninstalled

Hello, the Odrive application was placed in trash and deleted, and all odrive folders were removed from the macbookair. There were still files that needed to sync, and after reinstalling odrive the remaining files are not syncing.
What are my options?

Hi @digiform,
You have reinstalled odrive, logged in, and placed the files you want to sync into the default odrive folder under one of your linked storage accounts?

Can you send a diagnostic and let me know what the path is to the files that are not syncing?

Hello Tony,

I had 2 existing files syncing into odrive when I uninstalled odrive. Any way to get those files back after having deleted the odrive folder?

Diagnostic sent just now. I hope I can recover the files that are gone.

Hi @digiform,
I posted a reply for this issue in the other thread here:

Unfortunately, if you deleted the files before they were synced and emptied your MacOS trash then there isn’t anything odrive can do to recover the files. I am truly sorry.

No Problem.

  1. What is the proper and secure way to unmount the odrive folder on my mac, so it doesn’t take up space. And mount when I need it again.

  2. I have only had to enter my password once but never again. How do I make it to ask me my password?

Hi @digiform,

You can use “unsync”, which is a premium feature, to turn files and folders back into placeholders and free up disk space: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-unsync-old-files

Otherwise, you can deauthorize your account from the odrive menu, which will log your user out of odrive and backup the current odrive folder to an odrive backup folder. You can then delete the backup folder and login to odrive again once you are ready to start syncing again.

You can deauthorize under “authorized user” in the odrive menu. This will logout the user, create a backup of the odrive folder, and reset the local odrive cache.


For deauthorizing, you mentioned that it would create a backup of the odrive folder. Will it backup only the synced items, or everything that is synced in odrive?

What is the best way for me to create a local backup of everything that is synced with odrive?


Hi @digiform,
The backup is really just a rename of the odrive folder to add “backup” and the current date and time to the name. So anything that currently exists in the main, default odrive folder will remain as it is, with any local data kept in that folder. Any remote data that was not yet downloaded will remain in the cloud, but will not be reachable locally.

Just curious, what information does the diagnostic provide you. Could you please send me a copy of my diagnostic for reference. Thanks.

For this question: What is the best way for me to create a local backup of everything that is synced with odrive?

Is there a way for me to sync everything on odrive directly to an external storage device in order to A) keep an extra backup on what is on odrive and B) prevent local storage device from getting full due to the sync ??

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi @digiform,
The diagnostic contains:

  • Your odrive account information: (What service you use to login to odrive and the e-mail associated with it).
  • Version information for the desktop client.
  • Recent sync activity, along with details on the decisions and actions that the sync engine has made and errors that have been encountered.
  • A list of what is currently in the not allowed, waiting, and trash queues.
  • What storage services are linked.

Other notes:

  • It contain metadata information (names, dates, and size) for the files that have been recently synced.
  • It does not contain any data from any of your files
  • It does not contain anything about items that are outside of odrive’s view.
  • The diagnostic data is automatically deleted after 72 hours.

Unfortunately, because of the sync engine decision specifics and some other proprietary logic/data in the diagnostic, I cannot distribute it.

Hi @digiform,
You can move the odrive folder to another location. We do not officially support moving it to external drives (network and usb, for example), although it has been done by some folks.

You can use “sync to odrive” (a Premium feature) to create additional sync relationships between external folders and remote locations within your odrive. https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync#section-syncing-external-storage