Where can I find the odrive mobile apps?



odrive2 offers mobile applications and you can use odrive2 alongside odrive1.

Because of its extensive changes, the odrive2 platform has its own accounts. You will need to create an account for odrive2 even if you already have one for odrive1. You can then link your same storage to your odrive2 account. You can signup for odrive2 here: https://new.odrive.com/signup/index.html

Premium subscribers can get corresponding credit on odrive2 (and still maintain their subscription and benefits on odrive1). Once signed-up, go to this page to read more about this offer and claim your odrive2 credit: https://new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html

You can find the odrive2 Android app here:

The odrive2 iOS app is here:

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Is there any update on the availability of an odrive mobile app?


Hi @af1,
Please see the above post.


Thank you for your quick reply. I have downloaded the app, however I am unable to login. I originally logged in on my desktop with Facebook so I tried to login to the app with my email address which failed. Tried to recover my login details. It asked for my email but won’t allow me to submit it. Your app needs more work.


Hi @af1,
The odrive2 platform requires a new login and cannot use the odrive1 account details, so you will need to create an account on odrive2. Once you have done that you can link your storage and then access it on the odrive2 applications.