Questions about syncing Facebook photos via odrive

I’ve been asked quite a few times about syncing FB photos/albums via odrive. So I figured it might be best to post here, hopefully I would get more accurate (yet official) answers before answering my readers.

Background: I’m a tech blogger, and I wrote a post (here) about different techniques to back up Facebook photos. So far, odrive is my favorite option and I highly recommend people to give it a try. However, several readers were encountering issues using the app.

Question #1: is odrive able to download all tagged photos and organize them based on yearly order?

Question #2: can I use odrive to extract images posted on a Facebook page (which managed by me)?

Question #3: are you going to have a mobile app that allows users to sync data across multiple devices?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @jpzhang
Thanks for reaching out and double-thanks for encouraging folks to try odrive!

Question #1: odrive is limited to the access that Facebook provides. This is especially important when you are requesting photos that you do not own, but are tagged in. You can read more about this here:

Question #2: odrive does not yet support syncing Facebook Pages, but it is a requested feature:

Question #3: We definitely plan to develop a mobile app. It’s just a matter of resources and priority:


Awesome! Thanks for your prompt response. Now I’m much confident in handling replies from my readers :slight_smile: Appreciate it, Tony.

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