Odrive for Mac is no longer is syncing my Amazon Cloud content

I am working on a Mac with OSX Capitan, version 10.11.5. My trial period ended on May 11 and every since odrive no longer will sync my content to Amazon Cloud. I have added new content to the folder that syncs to Amazon Cloud nearly every day and nothing new appears when I check. I have clicked on the folder within oDrive in my finder to perhaps encourage the service to sync, but it won’t. The system tray menu offers no way to force a sync, only pause it. I’ve clicked “refresh” in the in-content menu that appears when I right-click on the folder in the odrive folder. I don’t know what else to do to make this work. Is it perhaps that with the free version you don’t get automatic syncing?

Edit: I think I found the answer here: What happens when my Premium trial expires?
…which makes the service completely useless for me. Well, thanks anyway. I’ll find another solution.

Hi @alober33,

Sorry to hear about the problem you are facing in syncing your files from desktop to Amazon Cloud Drive. I think there is a confusion regarding end of 7 days trial, when user’s trial period ends he / she can no longer avail following features / functionalities:

  1. Encryption - which allows user to encrypt / decrypt their contents
  2. PRO Sync (Sync to odrive) - which allows user to mount any external folder and sync to any source.
  3. Unsync files / folders - which allows user to free disk space without losing their files in cloud / storage.
  4. Tray menu settings - which allows user to set “auto download limit”, “auto unsync files”, “throttling”, and “auto empty trash”.

Everything else should work for both Free and Premium users including automatic file sync (e.g. new files should automatically sync to desired source (Amazon Cloud Drive in your case).

Can you please do the following so I can better understand the described problem?

  1. When you add files into odrive under Amazon Cloud Drive, does these files appear in tray menu “Syncing” or “Waiting” list?
  2. Add new files directly in Amazon Cloud Drive, does newly added files appears in your desktop in odrive folder?
  3. Are you able to sync (download) existing Amazon Cloud Drive files in odrive?
  4. Are you facing same problem with other source as well?
  5. By any chance, re-launch odrive app helps?

Please send a diagnostic report (from tray menu) for further investigation but make sure to mention your OS username and timestamp when report was sent.


  • Asif

Thanks for your reply Asif.

  1. When I add files into my local folder the tray menu flashes pink for a moment but does not transfer any files.
  2. If I add files directly into Amazon Cloud they do appear in the odrive folder.
  3. I don’t download files - they only go from my computer to Amazon Drive.
  4. I don’t have any other sources.
  5. I not only relaunched odrive, but I also uninstalled and reinstalled, and I get the same result.

I have sent a diagnostic report from my Mac with OSX Capitan, version 10.11.5 at 7:33AM 05/20/2016.

Hi Alober3,

Thanks for sending diagnostic report, can you please let me know which files are not syncing from your odrive folder to Amazon Cloud Drive? please share a snapshot (btw, Is this /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Calibre Library folder you are trying to sync new files?)

I just want to confirm none of your file contain any blacklisted char, since #1, #2 indicates app is picking up your changes but not syncing in case of #1.

Also can you add this test file into your problematic folder under odrive folder? wait for couple of mins and if file does not sync then send another diagnostic report.

Download the test file from here:


  • Asif

Was there any resolution to this? I am seeing the same thing — files are not syncing.

Hi @barrynv,
Can you provide some details on what you are seeing that is not syncing (which direction and what service)? If you can provide screenshots that show the service’s view vs the odrive view to illustrate the difference, that would also be a big help.


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what odrive is supposed to do. If I have a folder on my desktop, Documents, and I add a file to it, does odrive copy it to Amazon Cloud?

Hi Barry,
Standard odrive behavior is to sync anything within the odrive folder. By default, the odrive folder is inside your user home directory. Inside the odrive folder you will find any storage that you have linked. Drop a file inside one of those storage folders and it will be synced to the cloud automatically.

We also have a Premium feature that will allow you to sync any of your local folders outside of the odrive folder to any location in your linked storage. This is the “sync to odrive” feature.

Here are a couple of relevant sections in our usage guide about these features: