What happen to trashed files if I unlink their Google account?


I recently deleted a “Share With Me” folder created by Google drive(A reference thread I read), as a result, there are 1595 files now in the odrive trash bin, but I change my mind and I don’t want to delete them, as a user of an odrive free account, what is my option to keep all those files? I mean, for some reason I don’t understand, all the files listing in the trash bin instead of what I originally thought that they will be in the folder “Share With Me”, so although I can recover them one by one, but there are too many to recover. I do think about to Unlink the google account, but I am not sure what will happen, hence I am here. Please share your opinion and help me through this. Thanks for your attention.

Hi @yang.kc.20cy,
The folder should be listed in that list of files, somewhere. Do you see it listed anywhere?
If not, instead of unlinking you can delete the folder above the one you deleted and then restore that one.

To answer your question about unlinking, when you unlink, none of the deletes stored in the odrive trash will be committed, so, as a last resort, you can unlink and then relink and everything will stay as it was in the cloud. keep in mind that unlinking will remove all local data on your computer.

Hi @Tony,

Thanks for your information, but I discovered that my issue is more complicated than I previously thought, I will feed back when I have a way to describe it.



Hi @yang.kc.20cy,
Okay. I’ll be here :slight_smile: