How to exclude Shared with me folder from sync



When using regular Google Drive, the folder Shared with me is not synced at all. This is the way I like it (I add all the files I want into my Drive and organize them as I wish). Unfortunately, with odrive the folder is synced, which is 1) a mess; 2) takes up drive space as all the files from Shared with me are now twice on my harddrive.

Can I set odrive to ignore the Shared with me folder completely?

What happen to trashed files if I unlink their Google account?

Hi @frantisekfrolik,
If you want to exclude t he Shared With Me folder, you can keep it as a placeholder file (.cloudf). This will prevent anything inside from syncing. If you have already expanded it you can right-click->unsync it to turn it back into a placeholder.


Hi @Tony.

Thanks for the quick answer. This is one solution I tried, but it does not suit me well. Once in a while, I want to just sync the entire Google Drive account, including subfolders, and this syncs the Shared with me folder as well. That means I have to unsync it over and over again, which is annoying. Any other solution?



Hi @frantisekfrolik,
There isn’t really a way to completely exclude a folder from sync within odrive., at this time, but it is something we plan to support in the future.


Ok, thanks for the info anyway.