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Hi there,
forgive me if this has been asked before but I would like to use odrive for myself and my family. But I cannot let the children have access to certain cloud storage accounts of mine for work. Is there a way to limit user access to certain cloud storage accounts without purchasing multiple licenses to odrive?

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It doesn’t sounds like you may not need a premium account for your children. With the free service you can just have them login to odrive with their own accounts, linking whatever storage they need access to. Is a Premium feature that they would need?

Alternatively, you can use odrive Spaces to carve out sections of your storage for sharing:

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I have a similar scenario. In my case, two features are missing:

  • ability to create encrypted spaces for children’s data (on the premium account)
  • (limited) manually unsync of folders for non-primary accounts

So, I would like to create a space of an encrypted folder! This encrypted space can be created by a premium account but should be available to non-premium members, the children. In the end, the data stored to that space should be encrypted in the cloud.

My family scenario will look like this:

  • share one (encrypted!) space for each of the children
  • share an (encrypted!) space for family-shared stuff

So the main missing feature for me is to create encrypted spaces, next to allow manual unsync in the non-premium version.

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Thanks for the feedback @carsten.wolters.

You can actually create Encrypted Spaces, but you would need to be a Premium subscriber to use them.
We are considering some options for this particular use case, like, for example, read-only access to encrypted areas for free users.

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Hi Toni.

This would already improve the situation a lot.

I do unterstand that you need to protect the business value of the encrypted folders.
On the other hand it will be unrealistic, for a family setup, that all of the family members will be premium members.
Maybe you can introduce a new kind of limitation for free users, like quotas on encrypted spaces. Allow read-only access and up to… 5GB of write access for free. Or add a small premium for each GB written in encryption mode…


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Hi @carsten,
There is another alternative. It strays from what I would consider “best-practices”, but I think it could be acceptable for a household solution. You could share your account with your family and use encryption to to essentially simulate permissions. Since each encrypted container has its own key, you can segment the data into encrypted containers, where you would need to know the passphrase to unencrypt. So your children, for example, would not be able to access your data, even though they could see that it exists.

This prevents your family members from having their own odrive account, linking their own storage, which is why it goes against “best practices”. There are some other detriments to doing this, but it may be a way forward for your particular needs.

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Hi Tony,

the main issue here is, when I share my premium account and secure some encrypted spaces for the family - other parts of my company data is linked into the public available zone (e.g. linked google drives). So it could be reached and manipulated by my children…