Password Protect Folders* or Family Plan


I understand that this is a long shot, but I figured that I may as well give it a try.

I am planning to purchase odrive premium, and figured that my family might need it as well. That would result in $500/year, with $100/year going to 5TB from OneDrive and one $60/year Amazon Cloud Drive unlimited storage. I guess that’s not exactly a lot for a family that typically has five computers.

But the $500/year seems like a large anchor, since it’s not paid monthly, and I doubt that I’d convince them to get it. So that would result in either having to share my odrive account and hope that they wouldn’t click download on any of the folders that I use for myself, other than the ones that would be assigned for them (which would be unfair to odrive, of course).

So I was wondering if we could get password-protected folders that wouldn’t necessarily encrypt folders (the duplicated folders + scrambled file names + having to use a web app (although the latter might be unavoidable) is sorta cumbersome to deal with), but simply prevent them from downloading content unless the correct passphrase was entered.

So either that or a cheaper plan could potentially help with my situation. I understand that OneDrive could unsync folders, it doesn’t unsync individual files.

That said, I do not share my odrive folder with anyone else but myself.

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Good questions. These are some topics that have been touched on before by some users:

The last one is very “verbose”, so proceed with caution :wink:

I think, overall, this is something we need to discuss internally a bit more to see what other options might be viable.

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Thanks a lot. I’ve looked into all of them a bit.

I’m sure it’s also possible that it’s prohibitively expensive to let five people on an account.

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