Uninstall incomplete


Since oDrive doesn’t fully support my storage provider I need to uninstall it it, but the instructions at How do I uninstall odrive? are not working as intended. Im getting a “No such file or directory” error in terminal. What has changed, or rather what do i need to change for a full uninstall?



Hi @dostoevsky233,
That error is actually okay. Newer versions of the application do not have that folder, so it will trigger that message. The rest of the command will work as expected. I’ve actually just modified the command so it won’t do that anymore.

Are you still seeing odrive on your system?


I understand what you mean, but I’m still seeing this:

So its not the cleanest uninstall I’ve ever seen. If I just delete the folder and remove it from login items, I there anything else I need to remove?


Hi @dostoevsky233,
You are correct, those are the two items that will remain.

For the login item, Apple doesn’t provide a straightforward way to manage those, so you will need to highlight it and click on the - to remove it.

The the odrive folder, the script makes a backup of the odrive folder, just in case there are items in there that haven’t synced or that the user still needs access to. If you do not need this folder you can delete it.