Undo syncing a folder outside odrive after premium trial expired

Hi, I seem to have the same issue as Unable to sync with odrive (trial expired). Now that the trial has expired, one of my most frequently used directories (which I was just trying to have an emergency backup using odrive) has been converted to a pile of useless .cloudf and .cloud files, 0KB in size, which contain nothing and point to nowhere.

Now of course there’s a backup copy of everything in the cloud, I can go there and download any given file. But I want to restore this folder back to what it was before odrive messed it up!

How do I un-link all these .cloud and .cloudf files?

When I try to open one of them it gives and error: “Unable to sync Filename.extension.cloud.
This file is not inside an odrive folder.”

Have your developers given any thought to un-doing any changes made by the Premium-only features before locking them down at the end of the trial period? That’s very poorly designed.

HI @mumfordthemagician,
When the trial expires, there should be no automatic unsyncing, so this is definitely odd. You saw that the files and folders unsynced on their own?

If you want to restore from the cloud, you can sign-up for Premium, which has a no-questions-asked, instant full refund if you cancel within 30 days of purchase. This will allow you to restore the folders and continue to try out odrive for another 30 days, if you wish to do so.

To remap and restore those files, you would then do the following:

  1. Right-click on those local folders and “sync to odrive” them to the exact location they were before. This will restore the link
  2. Once restored, right-click->sync on the local folder, move the slider to everything, check “include subfolders”, then click on the sync button.
  3. Once everything is download back to your local drive, you can right-click->remove sync on the local folder, to remove the odrive sync relationship.

Just let me know if you have any questions.