Unable to sync with odrive (trial expired)

Hi, since my trial expired I’m not able to upload any files to Amazon Cloud anymore… the odrive icon changed from pink to gray.
Whenever I click on a folder to link it to Amazon Cloud a message warns me that “this is a premium feature”, although the features in the free section state “Unlimited links to bring everything together” and other upload and sync features as well…

I’m a bit confused. Is the folder upload really gone with my trial, or I’m I having a problem with odrive?


Hi @dclp.wagner,
Thanks for reaching out.

When you first setup odrive you are given an “odrive” folder in your home directory. Inside that “odrive” folder you will see placeholders representing all of the storage you have linked. You can link as many storage accounts as you want and have them show up in this “odrive” folder. Take a look at our documentation here for an in-depth walkthrough of the odrive folder:

That is all part of the free odrive usage.

There is another feature that is more advanced that lets you sync other, existing folders to a location in odrive. Using this feature you create a sync relationship between a local folder and a remote location in your odrive. These are folders that are not inside the “odrive” folder. This is what it sounds like you were using. You can read more about this here:

If you are using the latter feature then this would stop working once the Premium trial expired. We offer a no-questions-asked, full refund if you cancel your Premium subscription within 30 days of purchase, which means you can continue evaluating odrive, risk-free, for an additional 30 days to see if the Premium features are right for you.

Just let me know if you have any questions on the above.


Ok, I understand now… so in order for all my files to be synchronized with odrive they should be stored within the odrive folder in the home directory, right?

I’ll give it a try as soon as I arrive home.


Hi @dclp.wagner,
That is the default behavior. odrive will always sync files placed inside the odrive folder, in all versions. If you want to sync folders outside of the odrive folder with “sync to odrive” you will need a Premium subscription.