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I had a drive crash and now odrive thinks I’ve deleted most of my Dropbox. Why isn’t there an easy way to restore these files except 1





x212 files. You have a pretty spiffy web interface here. Couldn’t there be a Check All and Undelete? You certainly make it easy to flush all my files away with a single click. Why is it so difficult to say “uh-oh, I didn’t mean to do that!”?
Users don’t want disaster recovery to be a second disaster.

FYI: if anyone else runs across an accidental mass-deletion either by accident or drive loss or whatever - I undid the pending changes by uninstalling o-drive with RevoUnisntaller then removing all o-drive folders in the user profile folder (default c:\users\username) - there’s a hidden (WHY?!) .odrive folder and a not hidden odrive folder.
I think Revo may have missed the user profile data because it assumed it was user data and not program data.

After re-installing o-drive began downloading all the missing files in my dropbox which it, thankfully, never synced the deletes.

Thanks for the update.

For future reference, here are four ways you can recover all files, in preferred order:

  • Unsync the folder that contains the deletes and then re-sync it.
  • Unlink the Dropbox account and re-link it
  • Deauthorize odrive and reauthorize from the odrive tray menu
  • Uninstall and reinstall.

For uninstall, I would recommend looking at this post. The windows uninstaller has been much improved in our last release and should be very simple. OS X is a little more cumbersome, but there is a one-liner that can be copied and pasted to take care of everything:

I agree that a “restore all” feature would be nice and I have passed the suggestion on to the product team.

Unsync is a “Premium Feature”

The rest seems doable, but far more cumbersome.