Unable to Sync large backup

Hi, I am trying all my files off of Amazon drive to an external hard drive. The total backup is ~2TB. When I click on the root folder and choose sync (include subfolders), it runs for about a minute at ~50MB/s and then it just stops. The odrive icon returns to a solid black color. This is the latest version of the sync tool on MacOS Mojave. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I should add that the download started and downloaded ~800GB and I had to turn it off. I am now trying to resume where it left off by syncing the root folder.


Hi @jedhassell,
Take a look at this post here to help with very large bulk downloads:

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Thank you. I’ll give this a try on my Mac. Also, I saw this error in my console but I’m not sure if it’s related.

default 16:58:22.955715 -0700 odrive 27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 0 vs 856, 513, <private>

Hi @jedhassell,
That error shouldn’t be anything to worry about and definitely won’t affect the sync engine.