Unable to Sync Files Since Update (7-14-2017)

We use Google Drive as our cloud storage and have been unable to sync new files using Odrive since last Thursday (7-14-2017). I know there was an update pushed out on 7-13-2017 and not sure if this is causing the issue or if it is just a coincidences.

I am able to log into Google Drive and view and download files that I am unable to sync with Odrive.

Whenever we try to sync a file, we get a a long delay then an “Odrive is Busy” timeout error. Files in my “Waiting” to sync queue are in a loop (trying to sync and fail). This has not resolved itself since it started on Thursday and any help would be appreciated.

Hi @tfay,
Can you reproduce the issue and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look? Can you also provide the path you tried to sync to trigger the error?

Thanks Tony.

The issue was reproducible on three computers (with different accounts) on both Thursday and Friday. However, it looks like you just fixed it. I noticed the Waiting to upload queue has resumed uploading again and the counter is decreasing. I was also able to download the excel file that I have been using as a test file for the last few days.

So thanks again for quick response.

Hi @tfay,
Do you happen to be using shared Spaces? There was a problem with one of our nodes that would affect uploads on odrive Spaces and webclient uploads. We just pulled that node out of rotation to figure out what’s going on with it. If you were hitting that one (based on latency) then this was probably the cause.

My apologies for the inconvenience. The node failed in a way that wasn’t detected by our monitoring, so we weren’t aware of the issue until user reports came in for it.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the update and yes we use Spaces almost exclusively for all our file sharing in Odrive.

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