Hi @Tony I am seeing the same issue and my corporate team turned off Internet security SW as well still no luck I have diagnostics and powershell output as well, let me know how to share with you?

Hi @chawda.ankit,
I moved this to a new topic since it seems to be different than the previous one.

I was able to take a look at the diagnostic information and the following error is being seen:

When this has been seen in the past, it has been due to something on the network infrastructure or the local system that is augmenting, restricting, breaking, or acting as an intermediary in the network traffic flow (firewall, ssl decryption, vpn, endpoint protection, proxy, etc).

Most often this is due to SSL decryption/inspection, which breaks odrive’s strict SSL certificate verification and prevents proper negotiation. (Here is an instance of that: Odrive blocked by Palo Alto SSL-Decryption)

Can you ask your team if they are performing SSL decryption on the network traffic?