Unable to connect. Please check your network connection

I am using windows 10 and have installed odrive but when i try to log into the desktop app i get this message?
Unable to connect. Please check your network connection
and it says odrive not activated.

I can connect via the internet OK. but it is not syncing.

Do you know if you have a proxy in place? Can you try sending a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

Thanks tony, i have just sent the report.

I can’t find a diagnostic from you, which definitely points to some sort of network connection issue. Is this your own computer or a work computer? Do you know if there is a proxy in place or any sort of traffic management on the system/network?

It is a work computer, i have requested our IT guys check it out as well, i will come back to if they cant sort it.

hi. i am having the same issue with windows 8.1 - the desktop app will not activate even though i have activated my account. please help. can i send you my diagnostics? thanks

Hi @Will.H
Can you please provide a screenshot of any errors you are seeing. You can also try sending a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu.


Tony, diagnostics sent, herewith screenshots

many thanks, please let me know

The diagnostic was never received. This indicates that something is preventing odrive from connecting to the network properly.

Is this on a work computer or personal computer?
Do you have a proxy in place?
Do you have a restrictive firewall in place?
Do you have any endpoint protection software, anti-virus, or malware software that could be blocking access from odrive?

hello, its a work laptop on a domain. no proxy. added exclusion to firewall. tried with anti virus off but no difference. could you confirm the URL or IP the software needs to access on your side so i can test / add exception rules? thanks

We don’t have a set of static IPs, but the domains will either be www.odrive.com or api.odrive.com.

Tony, okay thanks - its now authorised and linked to my account and the ftp folders are working / syncing but not the 3 dropbox folders? i get this warning come up - can you help please?

Tony, I’ve sorted this now, i’m just working on ftp now…

Hi @Will.H,
Thanks for the update. I am extremely curious as to the steps you took to resolve this. It has been encountered a couple of times and it is difficult to determine the cause from our end. Can you share some insight when you get a chance?


Thanks Tony, it was white-listing those URLs and another setting that needed enabling in our corporate protection software (not anti-virus).

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@Will.H / @Tony
believe I’m having similar issues on this, can you explain how you sorted this out in the end as I’m not able to make any progress with this…!!

Hi @warwickhope93,
Can you describe when you are seeing this error and for what services?
Are you using a proxy or on a network that is restricted?
Do you have any anti-virus or similar software running?

I’m getting this same message that Will was getting,

However, when I log in online there is no problem (but i have to “allow access” through my Gmail account every time I log on?)

Firewall and Eset have been disabled but makes no difference.
I believe I am on the same corporate internet filter as @Will.H - Streamline3. not sure if you have come across this before?

Hi Warwick! :slight_smile: you need to raise a ticket with the Streamline3 support team - refer to my previous ticket ref; SL-729 as they need to enable various background stuff for this to work! ATB. Will

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