Trouble syncing to Google Drive accounts

I’m running into a similar issue. I realized yesterday that three of my odrive links hadn’t been syncing for a couple of weeks (eek!) and I got a similar “unable to read system data” or “This file doesn’t exist” message when I tried to sync new files in these directories. They also had the same context menu issue. So I followed the above instructions to copy my entire directory, reinstall odrive, then move my copied folders back into the odrive directory so they could sync. I left it to sync overnight. This morning, there’s nothing left in the syncing cue, but unfortunately, the same problems persist in two out of three of the cloud links (both links to Google Drive). Any more ideas? Can I send diagnostics?

Hi @chesterharvey,
Yes, please send a diagnostic and I can take a closer look.

Just sent them. Thanks!

Hi @chesterharvey,
I split this off into its own thread to better track your issue.

I can see that the “Google Drive (Alta)” link is receiving a permission error from Google and being denied access for some reason. This could be stopping further scanning into the other Google Drive accounts, too.

When you login to your odrive account from the web client ( are you able to browse into all of the links that are having issues? If not, what errors do you receive?

It may be that some permissions/authorizations have changed, which are preventing odrive from accessing the links properly.

Thanks, Tony. I am able to connect to the other two Google Drives from the web client, but not the Alta one. Is there a way I can force reauthorize the Alta account? Traditionally, I’ve just waited until I get a popup saying that I need to reauthorize (usually related to Box, not Google), but I’m not sure how to initiate that without the popup.

Also, I am able to browse into the folders that are having issues through the web client, but I can only see old versions of these folders (the same those that are visible through the Google Drive web interface). On my local machine, there are new and updated files that haven’t been syncing, and I don’t see any evidence of those on either web portal.

Hi @chesterharvey,
The error it is giving is unexpected for a re-authorization scenario, which is why you aren’t being prompted. I need to see if there is a better way to catch this.

In the meantime, it may be best to unlink and relink that source, but you will want to do this in a specific order/way. Please read through all of the steps before starting and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Exit the odrive desktop app
  • Move the “Google Drive (Alta)” folder to another location, outside of odrive’s view
  • Go to the odrive web client and unlink the “Google Drive (Alta)” link. Note: this will remove the folder from other systems you may have that are currently running odrive, so take that into consideration and let me know if we need to deal with this in some way.
  • Link that Google Drive again, and make sure it is named the same exact name as before (“Google Drive (Alta)”).
  • Make sure you can browse into the “Google Drive (Alta)” folder on the odrive web client, now.
  • Start the odrive desktop client again
  • You should see “Google Drive (Alta)” show up as a .cloudf placeholder file. If you don’t see it within a minute or two, make sure it is not listed in the odrive trash, in the odrive menu. It may have been picked up as a local delete when the folder was moved out. If so, click on the listing to restore it.
  • Once you see the “Google Drive (Alta).cloudf” file, move your “Google Drive (Alta)” folder back into the root of odrive.

odrive should now scan that folder and sync up anything that was previously changed. This could take a while. Once that is done, check on the other folders that are having issues and see if they are moving again. If not, please send another diagnostic.

Thank you! Issues seem to be cleared up. Everything is syncing fine and context menus are back.

Any suggestions on how to avoid this issue in the future? Does this seem like a software bug or something I messed up myself? I suppose it would be nice to have a way of manually reauthorizing an account without having to completely delete and reinitiate it. It worked out ok this time because I hadn’t recently been accessing the problem account from multiple computers. But I could imagine this being a much bigger issue with a much more complicated solution if I had created lots of merge conflicts from actively working on that directory from a variety of machines over the past few days.

Thanks again for your speedy help!

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Hi @chesterharvey,
I’m glad to hear things are moving now.

The error seen is not typical for an authentication issue, so it may be difficult to catch properly. I am looking into what we can do, including just forcing a re-auth, if the user wants to do that.

As for why it happened, I don’t know yet. The requests to Google were being rejected with an access denied error, but not an authentication error, as I would expect. I will keep looking into it.