"Unexpected error" and "Unable to read system data"

I cannot sync folders because I am always getting “Unexpected error” message or “Unable to read system data.”

What can I do?

Hi @jonatan.rueda,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after triggering these errors so I can take a closer look?

Just sent the diagnostics.

Thank you,

Hi @jonatan.rueda,
Thanks for sending the diagnostic. It is showing an error in the local tracking database. This can happen if there is a disk error during database writing, sudden power loss, unexpected application termination, etc.

The easiest way to recover is to deauthorize odrive (odrive menu->Authorized User->Deauthorize) and then re-login. This backs-up (renames) the current odrive folder and then creates a new one, for a fresh start on the local system with fresh local databases.

You can then copy in any data that had previously not synced and it should start working again. Please let me know if you have any questions on these steps.

I cannot deathorize. As soon as I click on Deauthorize, odrive get closed, no message, no error. If I reopen odrive, it still is authorized with my account.

Any suggestion?

Hi @jonatan.rueda,
Okay we’ll have to do this manually then.

  • Exit odrive
  • Make a copy of your current odrive folder to another location, if you have the local space to do it. This will ensure we have two copies of data. Then rename the current odrive folder to something like ‘odrive-backup’. At this point you should have two odrive folder backups, the copy and the renamed, original odrive folder.
  • Uninstall odrive using the instructions here: How do I uninstall odrive?
  • Reinstall odrive
  • Go through the setup process and log back in
  • Once odrive fully initializes go to the new odrive folder, which should now have all placeholder (.cloudf) files. The cache has now been reset.
  • Now, go to the backup odrive folder that you created and move all of the folders inside (your linked folders) to the new odrive folder. The folder names in the backup and the names of the .cloudf files in the new odrive folder should be exactly the same. If the are not, then stop here and let me know. Once you move the folder over they will end up replacing the .cloudf files in there (odrive will remove the placeholders when it sees that the “real” folders are now present). odrive will then determine what has been synced and what hasn’t and sync the files that need to be synced.

It worked finally!

Now I have another issue. In some folders and subfolders there is no odrive contextual tools, so it makes impossible to me to unsync some folders I do not need anymore.

Any suggestion what can I do to make odrive contextual menu appears again?

Thank you,

Hi @jonatan.rueda,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and tell me which folders do not have context menus? It may be because things are still scanning/syncing, so you will need to wait until odrive get to those items and properly indexes them before the options show up.

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