Timeline for new plans

Is there any general timeline (a few days, weeks, months) for the new subscription options mentioned in the other threads? I absolutely love odrive and want to support you all, but the $99/year plan is very expensive for me. A cheaper yearly plan and being able to pay month to month would be a lot better. In addition, as others have said previously, paying almost twice the cost of cloud storage for just the sync client is very hard to justify. All that said, I may want to hold out for the new plans if they are coming soon.


Hi @7c60e3c3,
What premium features are you interested in, at this point?

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If the price was right, I would use all of them, including the upcoming backup feature. However, I could get by with just the unsync feature and do my own backup copies, encryption, etc. Again, if the price is right, I would pay for all the features for convenience and to support you guys.


Thanks for the feedback @7c60e3c3. I can’t give a concrete timeframe for the new stuff, but it should be within the next 8-10 weeks.


Any updates on this. I too and looking for the monthly fee option. The main thing I am interested in with premium is being able to sync my photo library on Amazon drive. I used the trial and it worked seamlessly.

We are working hard to deliver our next big release which will offer more attractive and convenient upgrade options to our end-users. As Tony said, it may take 8-10 weeks.

Thanks you all for your feedback, Please stay tuned…!


Hi Asif,

I believe Tony’s answer was given back in December. It’s now March 8. Is the timeline another 8-10 weeks? Is that looking very probable?

I like the product, but I am just about giving up on any other plans coming out and it looks like it is time to look at another tool.

Have waited since this was first mentioned in Dec, then it was 2-3 months. Now March and another 2-3 months. If this isn’t a plan that you guys can offer, just come out and say it.

I am also getting tired of waiting. I think they promised the big fantastic backup feature and the rewrite of the encryption implementation since at least July 2015. Also some bugs which need to be fixed have been around since early 2015 and they said they won’t start working on them until the new features are released.
I like the product too and am on a premium sunscription, but have already started to look for other implementations of some of there features.

Hi @edsmiley and @maccra,
I know folks are eagerly awaiting the new release, and it is frustrating that it is taking longer than expected. New pricing, backup, and the next iteration of encryption are all predicated on the upcoming major revision of the sync engine.

We wanted to have this release out already, but we have ended up doing a lot of work on the internals of the sync engine than initially expected. This will allow us to build and refine much quicker than we were able to before, but it has extended the duration of development. It is our top priority and is being worked on around-the-clock. Unfortunately this type of work is time consuming, but it is a big investment in the future odrive.

Just to clarify, our first iteration of encryption was released at the beginning on 2016. Backup and the next iteration of encryption was first discussed around April-May of 2016. It has certainly been a while, but not quite as long as mentioned above :wink:

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Tony,

Will already encrypted content be handled seamlessly by the new encryption engine? ie, no need to re-sync or anything to bring things up to date

HI @Tony,… you are right about the timeline… It was my typo… I meant to write July 2016.

However this bug mentioned in below post has been ongoing since Feb 2016. Very fustrating that Odrive is delaying to fix this. In my opinion software that breaks the operating system should be fixed asap.
“Odrive breaking File explorer on Task bar - can’t open any folder (Win10)”


So far I have liked your company’s transparency, responsiveness, and your product’s performance (I’m on premium to take advantage of its features). However, “It is our top priority and is being worked on around-the-clock” is not very reassuring or helpful. Surely there is a schedule. How about some insight that has meaning? If the company can’t, or won’t, do this, well, that tells us something too.


Hi @Mark_H,
I am hesitant to give another estimate, at this time. As stated above, we were shooting to have this out already, and we are trying to get it out as soon as we can.

During our planned development efforts we saw several unanticipated areas of improvement. These improvements will make things much better, across the board, and enhance our ability to fix, refine, and add features in the future. It is an investment we felt we needed to make, despite the release delays it would cause. We just want to do it right, and this stuff is not trivial.

We are trying to go as fast as we can and great progress is being made every day. That being said, I completely understand if the wait is too long for some folks and there is a need to look elsewhere to address a particular use case, like backup.

As always, thanks for your patience and support.

Hi @maccra,
A fix for this particular issue was attempted a while ago, but it was unsuccessful within the current Explorer extension design. It is slated for rework, but is somewhat bundled up within all of the dev work going on right now.

As I stated over in that thread, it is an issue we want to fix and regret that it is still outstanding. We understand if this poses enough of an inconvenience that you want to look elsewhere for a solution, and we sincerely apologize for that.


OK, good answer. Odrive thus far inspires confidence, so additional patience is warranted. Emphasis on quality.

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