Time for auto sync to sync a file on free version

Hi. I’m using the free version on MacOS. What is the expected sync drive for google drive files? I have a file I copied from my imac to an odrive folder. I see the file with the .cloud extension on my macbook pro, but it’s been 30 minutes and it still hasn’t synced beyond the dummy file. I don’t recall having this kind of delay in the past, but perhaps I just hadn’t noticed. Thoughts?

Hi @scott3,
odrive will always auto-upload local additions and changes, in all versions (Free and Premium).

odrive, even in the Premium version, utilizes what we call “progressive” sync. So it will never download everything, right off the bat. You can trigger folder expands and downloads in a couple of ways.

Double-clicking on a file placeholder (.cloud) will download the file and open it. This file will now be kept in sync so that any remote updates will be automatically downloaded to replace the local file. The same will happen when you right-click->sync a file placeholder, except the file will not be opened after download.

Double-clicking on a folder placeholder (.cloudf) will “expand” the folder and list all of the contents inside. When you right-click->sync a folder you are given some options for how to sync that folder’s contents, including being able to specify the download file size limit, and determining if you want the operation to be recursive.

The Premium version has what we call “Folder Sync Rules”, which allow you to set rules for auto-download behavior. You can read more about that here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-source-changes#section-folder-sync-rules

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