This file is not inside an odrive folder

Hello, when i try to open an odrive unsynched folder i got this error “This file is not inside an odriver folder”

Hi @federico.roveda,
This message generally indicates that there is a placeholder file (.cloud or .cloudf) that is outside of an odrive-monitored folder. Sometimes this can happen if you were using a “sync to odrive” folder setup that was then deactivated or removed. It can also happen if you copied a placeholder file from odrive to another location.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and tell me what the path is where this is happening?

Hi Tony,
i send you the diagnostic, the path is:
/Users/federicoroveda/Desktop/Clienti\ Fornitori/Angelo\ Marino.cloudf


Hi @federico.roveda,
It doesn’t look like any of those folders in that path are monitored by odrive.

Did you move that file out of an odrive folder, or did you setup a “sync to odrive” relationship that was removed?

The error odrive is reporting is correct. That file is not inside an odrive folder.

Hi there!
I was experiencing the same and figured out it was enough to disconnect my odrive which I before added as “Map Network location” within Windows 10 64bit.
Your answer Tony, gave me a hint about how odrive works in more details I had not realised.
Thank you both for your posts

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