This file is not inside an odrive folder (some more)

After rebooting my computer and apparently getting an update to prod 6271 unbeknownst to me I saw that my old google drive folder was just suddenly not snyced anymore! Worse, is it is full of these stupid .cloud files which point to nothing so I can’tl even resync it! This is a MESS, guys! Maybe it is because I chose names for the sync directories to be shorter than the tediously long names that Odrive picks and since they didn’t match Odrive was just like "uh… well, I’ll unsync these folders and maybe the master wont even notice! tee-hee-hee!

Well, I noticed. And master is PISSED…

I see that there is a topic on this: This file is not inside an odrive folder but it doesn’t say jack about how to fix this terrible problem!

LITTLE HELP!?!?!? Do I just cut my losses and delete the folders and resync or what?

This really REALLY sucks as this now has to be fixed on all three of my machines and I remember doing this the first time and it was SUCH A PAIN to get folders that literally had the same data in them to be seen as synced. Actually, It’s really f__king stupid is what it is…

Hi @DarfNader,
Version 6271 was released quite a while ago (In March), so I don’t think it was due to a recent update. Generally that error message indicates that the folder you are trying to sync is not a sync folder of odrive’s. This could be do to changing the paths in a “sync to odrive” relationship, as you said.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look? I can’t be certain of what happened or how to address it without some additional info. In any case it should be recoverable, its just a matter of sorting out the configuration.