Syncing to multiple folders on SAME cloud service


Is there a way to sync the same folder to multiple remote locations with different sync rules on the SAME cloud service?

Many thanks


Hi @ian1,
This is similar to this question: How can I sync one local folder to multiple cloud storage accounts?

Yours is slightly different in that its asking about locations within the same storage, but it amounts to the same, technically.

This is something we are looking at offering in the future.


Thanks for the reply. My motivation for this feature is to link to a central repository where I aggregate all my stuff. A giant bin where files just collect and the duplicates pile up. Somewhere I can rescue files from when I have screwed something up. I would NEVER need to “sync back” from that repository, I just want it to fill up.

Hope this helps.


Can you give me a few examples of how you envision this happening? After re-reading this it sounds like you just want backup, but I think you are asking for more than that. I just want to make sure I understand properly.

It would help to give me examples that cite the local folders and where they would end up residing in the cloud.


IMHO Google Cloud Storage does that using individual Buckets for each folder locations.