Syncing stops when I have to repeatedly "Authorize access to OneDrive"

I am repeatedly asked to authorize OneDrive… at least half a dozen times and I’ve only had odrive since yesterday. This seems to happen either with “large” folders (>2 GB) or when my computer isn’t being used. I am currently turning off “put hard drives to sleep when possible” to see if that will finally let all my files sync. I have already tried setting my display to “never” turn off.

After reading other topics on the forum, I’m going to send diagnostics now, just as an additional measure.

Possible related error. Sometimes it says something like “the folder does not exist on OneDrive” but when I look at OneDrive or odrive online, it’s there.

Another error I’ve gotten on 3 folders. Seems like those folders are already up to date, but when I tell it manually to sync (I’ve had so many troubles, I have to do this multiple times on all my folders, so I’m going back and double checking), odrive will try for a while and then give me this error. These folders are just like my others, not shared or anything, so no clue as to why they are giving this error when the others aren’t. For 2 of the folders, I’ve successfully run the sync command earlier and it’s only showing the error now.

No problems like any of these for my 3 Google Drive accounts.

I hear great things about odrive, but even when I try to do something simple like change a folder name, it can’t sync that. I’m actually afraid to edit or move any files, because I’ve run into so many problems. Like the 8 “waiting” files that don’t exist because I deleted them…

Thanks for the reports. OneDrive has some funky behavior.

If you are still seeing these issues can you submit a diagnostic (from the odrive tray menu) and let me know which issues you are seeing at that time. I am actually interested in all three errors, so the more we can look at, the better.


Tony, thanks for the response. I think I finally got everything I need downloaded, so I will try to remember to report what happens with normal usage from this point forward. I will send diagnostics now in case it matters, and just let me know if you’d ever like me to do so again in the future.

OneDrive is arguably the worst cloud service I’ve worked with, but I’m also already paying for the 1 TB (with my Office subscription), so I don’t want to pay for a separate provider on top of this.

I was recently having issues with local changes not syncing. What I had to do was go up to the tray icon and manually tell it to sync. I wasn’t sure what I was telling to “sync” (since previously I’d been right-clicking on folders and telling them specifically to sync) but this seemed to work: it got rid of the “waiting” files, gave me the “trash” option in my menu, and made the folder name changes I was testing. I assume that’s all supposed to happen automatically.

For the delays in syncing, it is possible that OneDrive was throwing errors on the initial attempts. There are a number of possible reasons, including OneDrive internal errors, rate limiting, etc. When that happens the file will be placed into waiting and retried later. That is probably what you were seeing. You can trigger a sync on those files sooner and there is a chance they will go up at that time.

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