Syncing from one computer to another through specific files

I think I’m probably just being thick here but I’ve royally confused myself on how to best go about this situation, or if it’s even possible:

I have a folder on my laptop that we’ll call Sync Folder 1. I place Adobe InDesign and Illustrator files that I’m working on in here when I’m not on my home desktop computer. I sync this folder through Odrive to a specific location, “Sync Location”, in my Microsoft One Drive. Now, when I go to my desktop computer, I know that the placeholder will be in the odrive folder on my C drive. However, I’d like to be able to tell a folder on my desktop computer (on another drive, E drive) to also sync to this “Sync Location” in One Drive. We can call this desktop sync folder Sync Folder 2. So essentially I’m hoping that I can create a relationship where I sync stuff from my laptop, and then on my desktop I can have those new files ready to sync in this Sync Folder 2. These 2 folders, Sync Folder 1 and Sync Folder 2, would sync back and forth via the “Sync Location” in One Drive. I would bypass going to the C drive where the odrive client is installed and avoid having to sync and then copy to my E drive and then unsync from the C drive again.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well. I did some searching around and couldn’t find a topic that seemed to really be in line with what I’m trying to do. Ultimately I guess it would be best defined as creating a shortcut.

Hi @jade-soleil,
I think I know what you are wanting to do. On your home computer, just create a new, empty folder with the same name as the remote folder you want to create the relationship to, right-click on it, select “sync to odrive”, and then select the proper remote folder.

This new local folder will populate with placeholders representing the data in the remote folder. This same remote folder will also be reflected in the local folder on your laptop, which you’ve already set up.

That’s it!

Does that make sense?

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It does! I realize that I was missing the naming part and that’s why I couldn’t get it to work. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together from the “downloads” example in the guide :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I notice though is that I don’t get a sync option when I create a brand new subfolder within a larger folder on my desktop computer that is currently set to backup. I assume this is because there’s currently no way to do both at the same time?

Hi @jade-soleil,
That’s correct. We currently prevent syncing and backup on the same folder. There are some side-effects that we didn’t feel comfortable with for general use, but we are hoping to revisit to see if we can make it work. Apologies for the inconvenience on that.

Not at all :slightly_smiling_face: Odrive already simplifies so many things so I have no complaints!


kudos to that @jade-soleil

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