Syncing Extended Attributes on OS X (tags/labels)

I know this was discussed last year in August on the old forum, but I wanted to bring this over to the new system.

Would love to have the extended attributes, including OS X Tags, synced via odrive.

Keep up the awesome work guys!



Definite +1. I use Hazel to change colored tags on files in one folder as they age, and I’d really like those tags to propagate out to all my other computers.

I also noticed that scripts I set as +x (executable) also did not sync with that setting. That was kind of a pain.


+1 for file attributes like the executable permission.


I have multiple macOS sierra of them running dropbox to sync my files across all the systems.

I used Mac’s colored labels to organize files and odrive synced it. Other machines see the new synced files but colored label info was not synced. Dose odrive strip off that info by default? I have been using standalone Dropbox sync software but no issue syncing the color labels there.

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We don’t currently support syncing up the extended file attributes needed on mac to preserve the colored tags. I’ll note it as a feature request.



I would LOVE to see support for colored tags in OSX. I’m really missing that part from Dropbox.

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I used Mac’s tags and labels to organize all files and would be awesome to have Odrive to sync these extended attributes on OS X. Please do this!! :wink:

How do we get this feature request moved up in priority? :blush: