Folder Icons and colour tags?

I use Odrive with Amazon Drive on a Mac, and it mostly works well. However, I have made custom icons for many folders to be able to tell them apart easily, and use colour tags for files and folders to keep track of changes I make. These are not synced at all.
I don’t know if i’s Odrive not syncing metadata, or if Amazon Drive ignores it? In any case, I would really like if it got sorted out.

Hi @staffan,
In general we don’t sync these attributes and most storage providers do not offer a built-in way to sync this type of information.

Custom icons and tags are metadata that is separate from files, so it requires special logic and the storage API needs to either support this information, natively, or provide a method to define arbitrary metadata fields.

There is a feature request for this here: Syncing Extended Attributes on OS X (tags/labels)

We do not have any current plans to add this, but it would be a nice feature to have.

I see. I know that Amazon Drive supports hidden files at least, but I don’t know enough about the file system to know if the metadata is more complex than that. Anyway, considering the wide use of colour coding on the Mac, I would say it’s more of a bug report rather than a feature request. It’s not making Odrive useless of course, but it’s more than a little annoying.



I just noticed that Odrive seems to notice the change, but ignores it. If I change colour on a file, the Odrive badge briefly activates on the folder the file resides in. I wonder how much work it would take to pass the change along? I know anyone using a mac would like if it did.

These changes are stored as extended attributes and I believe MacOS pings our app to say that something changed in that folder. We go to investigate, but its not a “real” change on the file (no modification time change or size change).

It is possible to record the extended attributes and store them in custom metadata parameters in some storage services. It would definitely be nice to have, but we don’t have any immediate plans to support it.

OK, thank you for taking the time to respond!