Synchronize Office365/Sharepoint Online Team-Site Document Libraries


Nothing yet. We will be sure to announce any movement in this area.


Gents – please advise if you are planning sharepoint support. Thank you.


It is something we would like to offer in the future, but the integration is more complex, with several caveats, so it is not something we have on our immediate roadmap.


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Is this now more viable with the new beta of the Graph API from Microsoft: ?

The ability to sync SharePoint libraries exists with the native OneDrive for Business sync client and hence the lack of support for this is preventing me from moving to ODrive. If I could access SharePoint libraries using the Infinite Sync capability would be great.


Thanks for reaching out @thinkchris.
This is not something on the immediate roadmap, unfortunately, but the product team has it on their list and we will be sure to announce if it is added to the product.


This would be a critical addition for me too, if an extra vote matters.


Has anyone cracked the ability to connect o-drive to a Microsoft Teams tenant site on SharePoint yet?


bump on this issue of connecting to SharePoint.
rclone has the feature (via webdav)


also looking for this