Synchronize Office365/Sharepoint Online Team-Site Document Libraries


I tested odrive and I’m loving it and how it works and how it shows what it’s doing, which files it had problems with, and in fact all aspects of the client. I have a small Office365 for my family which includes space on sharepoint online and there I have created some document libraries for pictures, music, and so on. I would like to sync those too with osync, as the OneDrive for Business client is very buggy and does not do a reliable job.

Is this or will this also be supported with osync? I tried using WebDAV “link” but I have not been able to successfully create a link to my document libraries.


I need to look into this one. It actually touches on some outstanding questions I have to Microsoft that I am waiting for feedback on.

Hi Tony, thanks! Will wait for your reply on this.

Hi, i also need microsoft sharepoint, i bought there 1TB of data for one year but one drive for bussiness is total useless if its supports only 5000 files in team share … and also it bugs almoste every day

Microsoft’s OneDrive has been a huge disappointment, but they have new leadership and improvements are on the way. Still, there is no decent support for syncing SharePoint libraries. ODrive works great. Can it do this, or at least sync up with Users’ 1TB of storage included with Office365?

Sharepoint libraries is still a bit of an unknown. I am trying to get clarification on a few things from Microsoft to further this along. The Office365 storage should be working out of the box with our integration. Have you tried it yet @dialedin?

Thanks Tony. I have not tried it. The new OneDrive for Business sync client works for that as well, but they do not expect SharePoint Sync functionality for a couple of months yet. It would be nice to have just a single sync client on the machine. Of course ODrive can sync to many different storage services, which is terrific, and something I’ve heard no mention of OneDrive ever supporting.

One more question. Is it possible with odrive sync shared personal library at onedrive for business? Like - i need to sync one folder with more coworkers, it doesnt have to be at sharepoint sites

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I, too, would love to sync my team’s documents in SharePoint. I love that ODrive can sync all my other cloud storage. SharePoint is the last one I need… Thanks!

oDrive seems amazing, but it will need to be able to sync with my Sharepoint Sites for continued use. Please advise/help!

I agree need the SharePoint sync. The reason I installed and tried odrive for this exact reason. It looks like a great program but I really need the SharePoint sync to work for me to continue using it. Looking forward to hearing something about an update. Thanks

This is a killer feature for me as well. Looking forward to an update!

@Tony Any update on this topic? SharePoint library sync would help Odrive appeal much more to businesses. Microsoft’s terrible product may eventually get better, but at this point it would be a great way for you guys to grab some market share.

P.S. Here’s a link to a barebones 3rd party sync tool that supposedly does SharePoint syncing, but I haven’t tried it (SPSync).

Thanks for the feedback. There isn’t any news on Sharepoint libraries, but it is something we want to revisit in the future.
The last time I checked in on it, a few weeks ago, there were still pieces missing from the OneDrive unified API that we need to make this work properly.

May I ask a related question.

Can OneDrive for business sync Sharepoint files at all? If so, then I was planning on having that work and using Odrive for the personal business files.

Thank you in advance. @dysruptor, I am going to try SPSync today, in case you want feedback.


The OneDrive for Business integration works for the OneDrive for Business storage as opposed to Sharepoint team sites/libraries right now.

Something interesting to note, however, is that odrive provides Spaces for free, which can be used to create collaborative storage areas from any of your existing storage. The use cases parallel Sharepoint sites in many respects.

You can learn more about Spaces here:

Thanks, Tony. I am proposing Odrive to be our corporate solutions.

As a note, I tried SPSync and could not get it to recognize the SharePoint site.


Thanks for the feedback Don.

We are actually working on a feature-set called “Org” that is business-focused and will provide some very compelling functionality with regards to storage management, user management, and collaboration, while still making use of the same odrive client. I have a feeling you will interested in that, once we release.

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Would be a really nice feature to have sharepoint sync

I second that, any news on the status of Sharepoint Library support?