File Server in the cloud


Perhaps you can make a suggestion then: i’m looking for a “file server in the cloud” – not file sharing and synching – but a managed file server, where we can map a logical drive over the internet – like sharepoint – but something that will work better than that. Any suggestions?

Synchronize Office365/Sharepoint Online Team-Site Document Libraries

Hi @jmiller,
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Can you tell me what the use case is here? What are you trying to achieve in terms of user experience and administrative control?


I’m looking for “old school” file server functionality – just in the cloud:

1 – drive mapping
2 – user access management
3 – automated backup
4 - windows & mac compatibility

Selective synch is a bonus, but not the primary use.



Hi @jmiller,
Why an “old school” server model, though? Is there a particular user need that requires a traditional drive mapping paradigm using protocols like NFS/SMB/AFP

What about using “serverless” utility object storage like Amazon S3 with odrive as a user front-end?

  • You can facilitate native Windows Explorer/Mac Finder integration with selective sync
  • You will benefit from the attributes of S3 storage (scalable, durable, secure, redundant, etc… etc…)
  • You can use Amazon IAM, separate buckets, or even odrive Spaces to manage user access
  • You can enable versioning to allow recovery of deleted items


biggest thing i’m looking for is drive mapping + file browsing without having to synch. and user access management. i’d like to not have to hire a coder. is there a link to a particular approach that is not heavy tech that can be implemented by a power user?


Hi @jmiller,
Since odrive is a sync engine, I can’t offer an alternative in that regard. I think sync is better than the “direct” access model in many respects, but I know there are benefits to direct, too.

For an approach, you can take a look at this write-up for setting up S3: