File Server in the cloud

Perhaps you can make a suggestion then: i’m looking for a “file server in the cloud” – not file sharing and synching – but a managed file server, where we can map a logical drive over the internet – like sharepoint – but something that will work better than that. Any suggestions?

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Hi @jmiller,
I moved this to a new topic.

Can you tell me what the use case is here? What are you trying to achieve in terms of user experience and administrative control?

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I’m looking for “old school” file server functionality – just in the cloud:

1 – drive mapping
2 – user access management
3 – automated backup
4 - windows & mac compatibility

Selective synch is a bonus, but not the primary use.


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Hi @jmiller,
Why an “old school” server model, though? Is there a particular user need that requires a traditional drive mapping paradigm using protocols like NFS/SMB/AFP

What about using “serverless” utility object storage like Amazon S3 with odrive as a user front-end?

  • You can facilitate native Windows Explorer/Mac Finder integration with selective sync
  • You will benefit from the attributes of S3 storage (scalable, durable, secure, redundant, etc… etc…)
  • You can use Amazon IAM, separate buckets, or even odrive Spaces to manage user access
  • You can enable versioning to allow recovery of deleted items

biggest thing i’m looking for is drive mapping + file browsing without having to synch. and user access management. i’d like to not have to hire a coder. is there a link to a particular approach that is not heavy tech that can be implemented by a power user?

Hi @jmiller,
Since odrive is a sync engine, I can’t offer an alternative in that regard. I think sync is better than the “direct” access model in many respects, but I know there are benefits to direct, too.

For an approach, you can take a look at this write-up for setting up S3: