Synch stops with blue icon but folders/files not downloaded from onedrive

so I am synching from onedrive to local computer and suddenly odrive shows error and stops synching
folder gets blue icon but the files are not downloaded
folder has size of 14.8GB on onedrive but only 2.59GB on disk
synch is set up with “everything” and “include subfolders”
to restart synching I need to initiate synch again

i think something is not working as it should be
I clicked “send diagnostic” also to provide you with logs


same with next folder: 2013

system: macOS, 10.13.4
client: 6352

Hi @homonto,
It is expected that you can see a checkmark if not everything is local. odrive considers things to be “in sync” if there is no local data that needs to be uploaded. This is because having a mix of placeholders and “real” files is a valid “synced” state.

This can definitely be confusing, but it is a manifestation of the multi-state sync model (“dirty” (not uploaded yet), “locally cached”, “placeholder”).

If you are trying to facilitate a bulk download and want it to continue despite any errors encountered, you can take a look at this post here for a more advanced use with the CLI: How can I force a recursive download with the CLI?

Thank you Tony, the CLI works.

I was just wondering how to recognize the 2 different states in such case: I asked the folder to be synced in 100% from the cloud and now possibilities are:
1- all got synced as requested
2- errors happened, folder has mix of files and placeholders

Logically: in point 1 it should be blue.
In point 2 as well but only if I requested mix status (which is not the case in my scenario), i.e. some folders to be downloaded, others to be placeholders only. But, in my scenario I explicitly requested “sync complete folder with subfolders and files” - if such demand did not finish correctly/without errors, I would expect not “blue” but something else.
Example of such confusion can be fatal: imagine locally I have only placeholders. Then I need to bulk download 1 folder from the cloud with all content. I start such synch and wait until it is blue, Once it is blue I will copy the folder and give someone (or delete from cloud or whatever else) considering that my local copy is 100% mirror of the cloud folder. Unfortunately, in case errors happened, blue will NOT indicate “complete success”.
I hope you got my point.

Hi @homonto,
I agree that the current method can lead to confusion in certain use cases where the actual result is not the intended result of the user.

The CLI script can be used to ensure that everything gets downloaded. Additionally, a quick search for any .cloud* file extensions in the folder can also reveal if you have a mix of placeholders and non-placeholders.

These mixed content scenarios and the user feedback about them is something we are addressing in odrive2 (the next generation odrive).