Sync to odrive option not showing up on mapped network drive folder

Windows 10, fresh install.

No Sync to oDrive option on mapped drives. Does it not work on networked drives?

Hi @tims,
My apologies for the trouble here. I converted your post into a new thread to better track this.

Sync to odrive is definitely supported on mapped network drives (I currently use it). I also know there are lots of users who use it in this way and I haven’t seen any reports of issues with this for a long time.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The drive must be mapped to a drive letter (ex: Z:). UNC type paths are not supported.
  • You can’t target the root of the drive. You will need to target a specific folder within the drive for each sync to odrive relationship. For example, you can’t right-click on Z:\ to select “sync to odrive”, but you can right-click on Z:\Documents.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you seeing right-click odrive context options within the odrive folder?
  • Are you seeing anything displayed when right-clicking on a folder within the mounted drive?
  • Does restarting odrive make any difference?

Right click on the pink infinity in Explorer and I get the oDrive context menu.
Right click on a USB attached drive subdirectory and I get the Sync to oDrive menu item
Right click on a mapped network drive subdirectory and sometimes it shows up and sometimes not.

Does the app have to read the directory contents before the menu item shows up?

Hi @tims,
I’m looking to see if it could be a timeout issue if odrive is waiting too long to stat the chosen folder (it needs to determine some information about the path to know what options to provide).

From the behavior you are seeing, does it seem to correspond with the folder enumeration timing?
Is this network drive on the local network, or is it in a remote location?

Hi @tims,
We released a new version that increases the context menu timeout to try to compensate for higher-latency mounts here:

I am hoping this will solve the issue you were seeing.