Desktop and Web Releases (09-01-2020) Win v.6680 / Mac v.6777

Hello folks,

We have a follow-up release with some improvements to the new Backup feature we released this past week.

Win v.6680 / Mac v.6777:

  • Backup merge setting.
    • Setting this advanced setting to true allows you to choose a non-empty backup destination folder.
    • You may want to do this in case you are trying to set up a backup job again that you previously removed.
    • When backup runs, files will not get reuploaded if the current version exists in the backup destination already.
  • Backup: fixes, improved error handling, better logging
  • Google Drive shortcut fix for adding files/folders to the root of GD shortcut folder
  • Increase right-click context menu timeout for network drives
  • OD4B auto-retry enhancements
  • Other fixes, performance tuning adjustments, and improvements.

Web and Server Updates:

  • Google Drive shortcut support on web client.
  • Bug fixes.

UPDATED: We released a follow-up web build 3 hours after this first one in order to fix an issue that was reported against share links. Thanks, @Lee_Cutler for raising it so we could get on top of it as quickly as possible. To everyone that was affected by it, our sincere apologies… it was caused by something seemingly innocuous that had an unintended consequence.

As usual, you can grab the sync client app installers from here if you need it before it goes out to the autoupdater. Our usage guide (including the new backup documentation), this forum, and our support team (email: are all available for you if you need help or if you have questions.