Sync is off from web/local

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I’ve got two folders that will not display the contents that Amazon website says are supposed to be in there (web says 30+ files in each folder desktop shows only 1 and 4). I’m using a junction links on a windows machine to map folders from multiple drives into my odrive folder. Two weeks ago I had some hard drive errors (corrupted sectors) due to a power outage. After than the files were present in my folders but odrive kept trying to sync them and alternating between syncing and not allowed.

After trying refresh, unsync, multiple computer restarts I finally uninstalled and reinstalled after deleting the local files. Now my local odrive will only show a fraction of the files, despite the web version showing all of them.

We don’t officially support junctions, so it is possible that there is unexpected behavior when using them.

If you are looking to start from scratch, you should use the “Authorized User” -> “Deauthorize” feature in the odrive tray menu. This will create a fresh state for odrive.

If things are still not showing up, can you please supply a screenshot of the web app view vs the desktop view and also specify if any junctions/symlinks are being used for the affected locations?


I just deauthorized/reauthorized even then the files don’t match up.

The entire Edrive folder is a junction point, connecting several TBs from my E:\ into my odrive. I’ve had no trouble with junctions at all for the past couple of months of use I’ve currently got around 6 TB junctioned into the folder with only 0.3 TB located in the folder. Of that million plus files/folders, I’ve only now having issues with 60ish files, and only after the power outage/drive corruption.

If you right-click->odrive fresh on these folders, does anything change?
After doing that, can you submit a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

I refreshed, nothing changed. I unsynced than synced, files were still incomplete. I than submitted a diagnostics. Hopefully you got what information you needed.

I also downloaded the files from the web and placed them into the folders. It uploads the files but after a sync is finished it moves the files to not allowed. I submitted another diagnostics after it started this behavior.

I took a look, but nothing stands out, unfortunately. Would it be possible to create a Space against the DS9 Season 6 folder and invite me to it so I can dig into it a little bit (tony at odrive)?

I think I resolved the issue. I pulled a local copy and stored it outside of my odrive folder. I deleted the two folders in odrive, empty trash, and confirmed online the folders were gone. I than moved my local copy into odrive, which after syncing appears everything is working as intended.

Strange. I’m glad you got it sorted out though. Please let me know if it happens again. That is behavior I would like to make sure does not come back.