Rebuild odrive DB?

Is there a simple way to rebuild the odrive database (or however this is stored) so that it accurately represents what is currently stored in the cloud storage system(s)?

Generally, if you suspect there is something wrong, right-click refresh will bring that directory up to date. Refresh performs a low-level re-sync.

odrive also automatically reviews all data several times an hour.

Are you seeing specific issues?

If there is a problem and nothing is fixing it, try unsync to reset.

The refresh option doesn’t seem to be available with PRO sync’d folders.

I have an odrive folder containing placeholder files. These were created before the the PRO product release by physically copying folders and files into ~odrive, allowing them to sync and then unsyncing the files to recover the space under ~odrive. Now that i have PRO, i want to PRO map the original folder to the cloud location.

In several cases like this the folder briefly got the red 'sync in progress" indicator and all of the files eventually got the blue sync indicator, and then the folder itself got the blue checkmark, indicating all the folder and the files inside have synced up properly. In one case the folder got a sync mark but the files inside got nothing, and in one case the folder got in-progress and odrive decided to re-upload the entire folder contents, even though the ~odrive copy of the folder is full of placeholder files that indicate the cloud already has all the files in it.

Right clicking the ~odrive copy of the folder allows refresh, and the contents of the folder remain as cloudf files. There is no refresh option when right clicking the PRO-mapped folder as it is still uploading files. Incidentally these are Macs, so I am using the folder extension toolbar icon instead of right-click, but the actions should be the same.

My conclusion is that the odrive engine either does not see the PRO mapping and thinks that it must create a new cloud folder, or the database (or wherever this is stored) does not realize what is already in the cloud and thinks all these files need to be uploaded. That’s why I asked if there is a way to rebuild the database.

Thanks for the clarification. Two more question:

  1. when you pro sync’d the original folder location, was it empty or full of the original files?
  2. did you copy placeholder files into the original folder location before or after you pro sync’d it?


  1. The original file location was full of original files. They are still there, but gradually more and more of them show sync’d. These files are all largish - between 250 and 500 Mb, so the upload to Amazon takes a while.

  2. No placeholder files have been copied into the original file location. There are placeholder files under ~odrive, left from the process of physically copying a file to ~odrive, allowing it to sync, then unsyncing it. Needed to do that before there was a PRO release :slight_smile: .

Notes: in above, the odrive folder is ~odrive/Amazon Cloud Services/TV/A/Name_of_TV_Show, not just the root of ~odrive. The “original” file location is a USB drive plugged into the same Mac Mini, so the original is actually /Volumes/USB_Drive/Name_of_TV_Show

So if I have two Finder windows open, one shows ~odrive/TV/A/Nameof_TV_Show and the other shows /Volumes/USB_Drive/Name_of_TV_Show, and the latter has been mapped to the former using PRO odrive… The ~odrive shows nothing but *.m4v.cloudf files and the USB shows nothing but *.m4v files. The USB drive files are gradually getting more sync marks.


Thanks for the details Doug.

It seems like it is syncing. The refresh option doesn’t show up until the sync job is complete. So I’m guessing it is still synchronizing, which is why you don’t see the refresh option. When it is all done, let me know if you still don’t have a refresh option.

I wouldn’t worry about potentially rebuilding the DB. Give it a chance to finish everything first. Sync takes some time to reach the final end result.

I am wondering why the files are re-uploading. Did you pro-sync the USB to the same folder as ~odrive? If odrive sees the same file name with the same file size, it will consider them equivalent and it won’t re-upload the file.


I see you are now asking the same question I am :slight_smile: .

Yes, I PRO mapped the USB folder to the corresponding folder name under ~odrive. odrive should have seen the similar file names and sizes, and should not have initiated a sync.

I suppose this somehow means that odrive did detect a difference between what is stored in the cloud and what is stored on my USB drive. Could all the meta data from a single folder be missing? Is the full path to the file part of the file name, or just the file name itself? Is there a local copy of the cloud meta data (file name, access time, path, size, checksum, etc?) out of sync with the cloud’s notion of the meta data (i.e. is the meta data sync prioritized to move before any pending files)?