Sync Amazon Cloud Drive file removal on Linux (odriveagent)


I’ve removed a dozen files from Amazon Cloud Drive and waited for some time (a day, actually) for sync to occur.
As I can see all the files are present on local drive. When I execute refresh, I have ‘‘Synced’’ at the first line in the output and a list of files. Regular files are blue, files, that I’ve deleted earlier are white. ‘‘Syncstate’’ of white files is ‘‘Not Synced’’.
Is that intended behavior of the odrve linux agent? Is there any way to sync remote deletions to local system?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kjiec4,
Is this on Ubuntu 16.04? If so, it may be the same issue as this one here:

Yes, it’s 16.04.

The thread you provided looks like the same or related issue.
After reading this thread I have more questions. I’m using 32bit variant and version (from stat output) is “prod 860”, which is older, than “prod 916” from the thread you mentioned. Is 860 latest for 32-bit? Is 32-bit developing on-par with 64bit?


Hi @kjiec4,
The version numbers are just build numbers, but they are released together. The 64 bit version has just been built more times :slight_smile:

Great. It’s nice to hear that.

I updated this thread with a test version for this issue: